“Sweatshirt” – Recycled Colored Fleece

Multi-purpose colored wiping rags cut from recycled sweatshirt material.  These rags are free from buttons, zippers, and snaps, but will have seams.

* Cost-saving choice for a general purpose rag where something heavier than “polo” is required.

* Popular in most industrial settings including manufacturing, auto repair, construction, paving, excavating, and any application involving oil and grease.

* Also popular in environmental clean-up situations when a heavier weight inexpensive rag is desired.

Quantities:  4 lb packs, 5 lb packs, 10 lb packs, 20 lb packs, and 45 lb packs.  5 lb boxes, 10 lb boxes, 20 & 25 lb boxes, and 45& 50 lb boxes (custom sizes available upon request).

Order #: 50SS