Private Labeling


We go the extra mile to package our products in attractive, retail-ready bricks/bags (either in our EBCO logo bags or in clear bags with full color private label inserts).  And the best part is, we do not require you to stock thousands of pounds to get the customized private label insert packaging!  Of course if you need to order thousands of pounds, we can handle that too!  We are big enough to handle all large volumes, but small enough to ensure special attention is paid to you and your requirements.  We work with all of our customers to design an insert they will be proud of – one that will help them advertise their store and their brand.  And inside every bag, is quality you can trust.

If private-label inserts are not for you, we offer our line of standard EBCO bags and boxes.  After quite a few years building our brand around quality and consistency, we are proud to have our logo on these products.  Once your customers use our rags, our quality will keep them coming back for more!



We have the widest variety of wiping rags and packaging options in the industry and we can private-label most items with your company name and information so your customers keep coming back to you for more!

Utilizing our compressed packaging machines, we can ship up to 2000 lbs of packaged rags on a pallet, saving you both warehouse space and freight costs!