New Washed Tan Cotton Knit

New, very absorbent, tan cotton knit mill-end material cut into large (“16-22”) wiper sized pieces. Made form dark-colored new material that has been bleached with a proprietary process and then re-washed for extreme absorbency.
* Virtually Lint-Free
* 99% Smooth
* Will not color-bleed
* Great for painting, staining, and finishing applications
* Popular choice for retail paint, hardware, flooring stores as well as industrial suppliers selling to the wood and metal finishing industries. This product is also popular choice in plumbing, hydraulic, automotive and some manufacturing applications.

Quantities: 1 lb bags, 4 lb packs, 5 lb packs, 10 lb packs, 20 b packs, and 45 lb packs. 5 lb boxes, 10 lb boxes, 20 lb boxes, and 45 lb boxes (custom sizes available upon request).

Order #: 71