Microfiber Terry Towels

Microfiber towels absorb 7 times their weight in liquid.  Microscopic spaces between fibers trap and hold dust, dirt, and grime until washed away with mild soap/detergent.  The trapping quality makes this one of the best sanitary options for wiping.  These spaces allow for quicker drying, eliminating much of the bacterial growth found in other cloths.  They also result in a clean, streak-free surface when used to wipe.  Great for use in healthcare, window and car cleaning, or anywhere a smooth, streak-free result is needed.  Many colors and sizes available.  Color-coding for different cleaning applications is a popular approach.  Sold by the dozen only, but can be packed in retail-ready packages upon request.  Sizes: 12×12, 16×16, and 16×27. Sizes 12×12 and 16×27 options are special order.


MF12-Blue, MF12-Yellow, MF16-Blue, MF16-Yellow, MF16-Orange, MF-Green, MF16-Red, MF16-Pink,  MF1627-Red, MF1627-Green, MF1627-Blue, and MF1627-White.